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Hand made, Made To Measure Belts 

Hattie Crabtree's belts are crafted with the finest British leather and buckles, ensuring durability and quality. Each buckle is meticulously hand-stitched onto the belt by Hattie herself, using a technique known for its strength and longevity compared to metal rivets.

 The measurment that is given will be the middle hole on the new belt, this design allows for fluctuations in weight over time, ensuring a comfortable fit regardless of changes in size. Unlike traditional belt holes spaced 1" apart, Hattie's belts feature holes spaced 3/4" apart, offering a more precise fit. This adjustment acknowledges that individuals rarely experience weight fluctuations of an entire inch.

Depending on the width of the belt you desire, there may be variations in available buckle designs. If you cannot find a design that suits your preferences, please don't hesitate to contact Hattie. She will make every effort to source a suitable buckle design that complements your belt choice.

With Hattie's attention to detail and commitment to craftsmanship, you can trust that each belt is not only stylish but also built to last, providing both functionality and elegance for years to come.

Belt prices range from £55-£150 +pp

How to Measure 


Using a soft tape measure , place the tape around your waste where your trousers / skirts would usually sit. 



Measure from where the leather turns around the buckle to the most used hole. 



Please DO NOT send trouser size, this measurement is always incorrect and will result in your belt being to small and not fitting. 

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