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Qualifications & Awards

Society of _Master Saddlers Qualified Saddler Hattie Crabtree
saddle dertificate qualified society of master saddle saddler

2nd Prize in the Small Business Saddle  class at the National Saddlery Competition 2024

Entering her Level 3 saddle, only the third saddle she has ever made, into the small business category was a bold move that highlights her confidence in her craftsmanship. Being placed second in this category, considering the competition's criteria for small businesses making no more than 10 saddles per year, is truly remarkable and a testament to Hattie's talent and dedication.It's understandable that Hattie would be over the moon with this achievement. Placing in such a competitive environment not only validates her skills but also serves as recognition from her peers within the saddlery industry. This success will undoubtedly inspire Hattie to continue refining her craft and pursuing excellence in her saddlery work.

Qualified Saddler Level 3 Diploma in Saddlery (Saddle)

Hattie passed her Level 3 in saddle making, which, combined with her Level 3 in bridle making, qualifies her as a Society of Master Saddlers qualified saddler! Achieving this certification is a significant milestone in her saddlery career and demonstrates her expertise and dedication to the craft.It's important to note that being a qualified saddler, as recognized by the Society of Master Saddlers, is not the same as being a qualified saddle fitter. While Hattie has demonstrated proficiency in crafting saddles and bridles to the Society of Master Saddlers' standards, a qualified saddle fitter specializes in fitting saddles to horses and ensuring proper alignment and comfort for both horse and rider.Hattie's achievement as a qualified saddler opens up various opportunities for her within the saddlery industry, and she can continue to pursue her passion for crafting high-quality saddlery products. If she's interested in becoming a qualified saddle fitter as well, she can explore additional training and certification in that specific area in time.
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Winner of the Intermediate Bridle Class2023

 Hattie enter her first item in the National Saddlery Competition competition this year! It's a big step forward in showcasing her skills and dedication to the craft of saddlery. Crafting a set of show reins, particularly laced reins and plain reins with such precision, stitching them at 12 stitches to the inch, demonstrates her commitment to excellence.Being awarded a premium for outstanding craftsmanship is a significant achievement and a testament to the quality of her work. It's clear that Hattie's talent and hard work are being recognized within the saddlery community. This success will undoubtedly serve as a source of motivation as she continues to hone her skills and pursue her passion for saddlery.
City & Guilds 

Flocking & Adjustments

Thus qualification enables Hattie to be able to carry out complete re-flocks of saddles, Saddle checks, repairs of saddles. However this does not make Hattie  a saddle fitter.

Completed at Saddlers Den South port 

May 2022

Saddlers award
Award for Excellence in Saddlery 


Awarded at the end of Hattie's second

Receiving the Worshipful Company of Saddlers of the City of London's award for excellence in saddlery is a tremendous honor and a testament to Hattie's exceptional skills and dedication to her craft. Winning such a prestigious accolade reflects not only her talent but also her hard work and commitment throughout her second year of college. 

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City & Guilds

Level 3 Diploma in Saddle, Harness and Bridle making.


Hattie successfully passed all 5 modules; Saddle, Bridle & Harness making in the Equestrian Industry. Saddlery accessories. Business start up & management for the saddlery industry. 

first year_edited.png
first year horse.JPG
City & Guilds 
Level 2 Diploma in Saddle, Harness & Bridle Making

Hattie commenced her saddlery journey at Capel Manor College, moving to London 2 weeks after her first round of chemo therapy. Here she learnt all the basic skills of saddlery. In her first year she had to make a foal slip, drop noseband bridle, a GP saddle, an Irish Martingale, False martingale and harness breast collar. 

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The Worshipful Company of Loriners


Certificate in bits and bitting, 

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