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Saddle Flocking, Girth Strap Replacement & Repairs
Hattie now offers full re-flocks for saddles, holding the City & Guilds qualification. Re-flocking should be done if you purchase a 2nd hand saddle, as this saddle will be moulded to the previous horse and rider. The best way to describe the feeling for your horse is for us to use someone else's well worn shoes and then be told to go for a long hike in them every day, uncomfortable right. When your panel is taken off for re-flocking Hattie will check that your tree is safe, if your tree is broken then Hattie will stop work and not put it back together ( you will not be charged if the tree is broken). This is so the saddle never ends up back on a horse as broken trees can cause a tremendous amount of damage to a horses back. 
re-lacing of the panel to the saddle £50

Complete re-flock £140
Girth Strap replacements. 
Short girth straps £16 each
Long girth straps £20 each 
Saddle repair service - Saddles that need repairing, please message Hattie directly with clear images of the damage, repairs have a minimum £15 Charge.
Please note that saddle seat damage, or where the skirt is coming away from the seat seam, this repair would require a full re-seat. 

Girth Strap Replacement 

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g starps 2_edited.jpg
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